Narayan Shrestha

I'm a IT Support Technician Desktop Support Technician Mobile Repair Technician

About me

I'm Narayan and IT Support Technician Desktop Support Technician Mobile Repair Technician

Hi! My name is Narayan Shrestha. I am a IT support technian based in Bel Air, Maryland, and am very passionate about technology and how it's chaning the world for good. With 20 years experience in IT in various roles, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make any project technically smooth for the team to work on. I am a learner by heart and always learning something new. So, has I gained skills in various fields within IT.

  • 09.16.1982

  • 38

  • Bel Air, Maryland, USA

  • andyshrestha at hotmail com

  • 443 326 89-SIX ONE


What I Do
  • Build, Configure, Troubleshoot

    Building PCs, configuring and maintaing desktops and networks. Installing operating systems, software, drivers.

  • Active Directory

    Managing groups and users in networks using Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Remote Desktop Support

    Provide support and diagnostics to remote users using remote software like TeamViewer, LogMeIn.

  • Networking

    Configure, troubleshoot networks including cabling to software configurations.

  • Photography Photography & Image Editing
  • 3D Printing & Material Engineering 3D Printing & Material Engineering
  • Music Production & Podcasting Music Production & Podcasting
  • Interior Design & Home Renovation Interior Design & Home Renovation

My Experience

  • 2020 - Current

    Senior Technician,
    Web Designer -
    Phone Fix Zone

    Troubleshooting phones, tablets, laptops on a software and hardware level on daily basis. Full details in resume.

  • 2018 - Present

    Technicial Support Specialist, Video Producer -

    Configure and maintain desktops, softwares, websites. Full details in resume.

  • 2009 - Present

    Desktop Support Technician, Web Designer -
    En Vogue Portraits

    Build, troubleshoot desktop. Intall and update software. Maintain website. Full details in resume.

  • 2000 - 2007

    IT Support Technican, Web Designer -
    Extreme Design, Nepal

    Build, troubleshoot desktops. Develop websites for small businesses. Configure networks using Windows 2000 Advance server and Windows NT as clients. Full details in resume.

  • Desktop Configuring, Imaging 100%
  • User management with Active Directory 60%
  • Microsoft Windows Administration 90%
  • Operating Systems Installation and Troubleshooting 90%
  • Understanding of DNS, DHCP, Subnetworks, IPv4 100%
  • Microsoft Office 70%
  • Phone, tablet, laptop repair 80%
  • Remote Desktop Support 85%

Get in Touch

  • Bel Air, Maryland, USA
  • 443-326-Eight Nine Six One
  • andyshrestha at
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